Naïve Canadian emailer remarkably naïve

Yes, it’s true, the day after Canada flaunted its 15-first-round-pick blue-collar dominance over a poorly-constructed and out-of-its-depth Russian team — while their American counterparts demurely and diplomatically allowed Finland to skulk into overtime — we finally got our first bit of hate mail. We are, of course, posting it in its entirety.

Now, keep in mind that basically this entire message is [sic]’d because it exhibits what we can only assume is a very common Canadian quality: illiteracy. So wade hip-deep into this meandering, poorly-written screed against all things good (read also: American), short on cogent thought or the use of the Enter key, and long on use of the word “disgusting.”

But don’t say we didn’t warn you.

From:     Brianne Seamans
Subject:     Your Tumblr
Date:     December 27, 2010 10:18:55 AM EST

Someone posted a link to your tumblr on Twitter. So like usual I thought I would check it out.

This is, without a doubt, the best decision a Canadian ever made.

It was absolutely disgusting to read the way you talk about the US being far more superior then other countries.

We never once used the words “far more superior then other countries” because we are not clods.

The US has only won it twice – thats pathetic compared to all the other countries. Also, bragging about how amazing American fans are over other countries,

We don’t consider it bragging so much as we do “pointing out basic facts.”

such as Canada’s pale-faced,


is disgusting.

That’s two times now.

Most Americans are to busy getting knocked up or shooting people that they have no idea what hockey even is.

Now who’s being disgusting?

Incase your unaware more Canadians showed up to a USA game because most Americans dont give a shit about hockey.

Correction: they don’t give a shit about Buffalo. And who can blame them?

Also to call the Canadians ‘pale faced’ is hilarious because most northern states in the USA get more snow then inhabited places of Canada – dont you remember geography class.

Apparently about as well as you remember English.

I know your not going to do anything about your site but it just re-enforces why so many people dislike Americans.

And here, Canadians have shown themselves to be the epitome of class.

You need to show how Americans are not biased and not heavy exaggerates

If any reader can decipher what this means, please email us at your earliest convenience.

- you need to have some truth and admit you like USA Hockey not saying something which isnt true that they dominate over everyone else.

We actually have too much truth. It’s collecting dust in the corner of our office. Please, Brianne, come take it away so you, too, can discover that Canada is really quite shabby.

Maybe if the USA was to win another international hockey tournament not concerning kids under 20 years old then USA Hockey can be considered a strong-competitive hockey nation. To say they are a lot better then other countries is a pure joke.

We’ve been laughing all morning.

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